Xenon Plus and LED Daytime Facelift upgrade - 2010


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Xenon plus headlights provide a higher level of safety during night-time driving or in bad weather – with the added benefit of low power consumption. The large light arc with qualities similar to daylight has an enormous range. It produces wide illumination of the road ahead, allowing early recognition of obstacles. LED daytime running lights make sure you are seen quickly by other road users, whatever the daytime light conditions. Distinctive LED daytime-running lights provide light during daytime and, thanks to innovative LED technology, they consume less energy and have a considerably longer working life

Awesome design through integrated LED lights
LED headlights are brighter
Give more contrast
Emit a light similar to daylight so are less tiring on your eyes
Each headlight features an array of LED light sources
Much more efficient than halogen
Bulbs last longer 
Consume less energy

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BMW-F30-F31-F32-F33-F34-F36-LED-6WB Multi Fonksiyonel Gösterge

BMW-F30-F31-F32-F33-F34-F36-LED-6WB Multi Fonksiyonel Gösterge

3' F30 LCI (09/2014 — 06/2017)
3' F31 LCI (09/2014 — 06/2017)
3' F34 GT LCI (09/2015 — 06/2017)
4' F32 LCI (05/2016 — 06/2017)
4' F33 LCI (05/2016 — 05/2017)
4' F36 Gran Coupé LCI (05/2016 — 06/2017)

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