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Bmw Logic7 Müzik Sistemi Paketi


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Experience your music like never before with the HiFi Professional LOGIC7 System. Thirteen speakers ensure high-quality reproduction of all your favourite music from practically any format.

Seven mid-range speakers, four tweeters and two centrally-positioned woofers ensure an unmatched listening experience in the cabin of your BMW. The tweeters (28 mm in diameter) and woofers (100 mm diameter) feature aluminium membranes. The tweeter uses ceramic components for superb precision.
Seven mid-range speakers (including one central speaker) are positioned around the cabin: one in each of the front and rear doors, two in the shelf behind the rear seats, one in the centre of the instrument panel. The woofers (217 mm in diameter) are fitted underneath the two front seats.
The central bass concept enables a symmetrical distribution of the bass frequency output within the vehicle. This concept exploits the underbody volume: the hollow space in the underbody is used to add depth to the bass tones. Positioning the speakers under the seats has the added advantage of freeing boot space, and reducing unwanted vibration of items in the cabin, as well as ensuring excellent, distortion-free bass reproduction.
The influence of driving noise is automatically compensated by the speed-dependent equalizer, which finely adjusts bass output as required.

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